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Taking Care of You

We provide a range of care packages to ensure your experience is enjoyable


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Tunstall offers our owners a connected healthcare system designed to help older people and those with long-term needs to live more independently, and with an improved quality of life.

As the first provider to develop alarm systems for older people, they embrace digital technology and their systems are designed seamlessly into our developments: Integrating the call system in a way that is unobtrusive is critical – yet it is there in times of need, offering reassurance to owners and their families.

Turn Down

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Should you find yourself needing an extra helping hand after a stay at the hospital, this flexible option can help you as you get back on your feet. If your mobility is limited, for example, a member of staff from a specialist provider will assist with day-to-day tasks such as fetching hard-to-reach items or helping you dress in the morning.

Depending on your individual requirements, meals can be prepared, household chores and errands can be taken care of and any medication can be administered. It is recommended that staff check in with you for three one-hour periods throughout the day, but this package can be tailored to your own needs.

Extra Support Packages

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Setting you up for the day, a member of staff from a specialist provider will greet you with a wake-up call and check in with you for an hour each morning.

This includes assistance with your morning routine, whether that’s opening the curtains and making the bed or helping you in and out of the shower and administering any medication. Staff can arrange for your breakfast to be delivered to your apartment from the open kitchen. They will also be happy to discuss and plan your day ahead. 1hr per day.

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We can tailor your care package and the provision you have to suit your individual needs. 

Discuss with your sales manager if you have any immediate requirements, and if your circumstances change, our Hosts are on hand to discuss what is available and how we can help you in the short or long term. 


Service and Hosts


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How people ‘feel’ emotionally and physically is central to our design ethos.                                                                                               

Service and Hosts

Service and Hosts

At all of our developments, the service is tailored to the people and the place.                                                                                         


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Every area of a PegasusLife development is tailored to benefit the wellbeing and social lives of those who will live there.