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Our service to you

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All in the detail


Good service goes far beyond keeping the place running smoothly. We get to know you well enough to know how you take your coffee in the morning, and which new restaurants or exhibitions you might be interested in.

Our Customer Operations team, including dedicated Lifehosts’ genuine interest and enthusiasm for their work really sets our teams apart. They understand that the little things make all the difference.

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Incredible Lifehosts


Our Lifehosts pour all their energy into the community. They handle day-to-day tasks, bring people together for social events and make sure everyone feels included. They spark ideas that keep you feeling good, and, no matter how busy they are, our Lifehosts always make sure there is time for a coffee and catch-up.

Each community tailors its service to the people living there, but also to the location itself. For example, Lifehosts at Chapter House in Lichfield take inspiration from the learned societies that stretch back through the city’s history and also organise wine tastings throughout the year.

Wellbeing Partners

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Discover who our wellbeing partners are, ensuring the highest quality service and products.                                                                          

Food and Drink

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We put local, seasonal food at the heart of our developments. Find out more here.                                                                                      

Our Philosophy

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Bringing together the country’s leading designers, academics, creative thinkers and producers to create unique developments.