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Chimes: A city living haven

12 August 2020

Cgimes exterior v2

Chimes, our latest development to come to London, is an architecturally striking building set to offer city lovers with a collection of one- and two-bedroom apartments split into four quarters.

From the exterior, one of the most noticeable elements is the richly textured green glazed brick and patterned metal screen which subtly alludes to the carefully landscaped garden that sits at the heart of the development.

Our architects for this project have managed to create a sense of distinguished seclusion within one of London’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. Alex Ely, Founding Director of award-wining Mæshares his inspirations for the design and what future owners can expect from living at Chimes:  

Can you provide an overview of the design at Chimes?

Chimes asks questions about how we might want to live our later years and it provides an offer for a currently un-catered for group in the heart of Westminster. Generous, comfortable, accessible apartments are complimented by a rich mix of facilities including an Owner’s lounge, Wellness area and conservatory/library - all designed to promote a sense of community, health and wellbeing.

Every home offers dual aspect with living rooms looking into a carefully landscaped garden which became central to our concept. A verdant courtyard garden creates a small oasis at the heart of the new homes and offers a sense of the pastoral qualities of the historic Thorney Island on which the building sits. The ground floor Owner’s lounge can be opened to have a seamless relationship to the garden. The roof terrace provides a place for relaxing and socialising whilst admiring the stunning rooftop views towards Westminster Cathedral and the Palace of Westminster.

What is your favourite feature of the design?

The goal of the building is to create a community atmosphere allowing residents to live life to the full and have fun. The building is designed to enable interaction between residents and provide a welcoming place to meet and to live. The development creates several opportunities for social gathering through the seasons, from the central courtyard to more intimate spaces.

What was the inspiration behind the concept?

There were two conceptual drivers, the first of these was the creation of an engaging route that leads from the street to the sanctuary of home. This becomes very literal, with residents being led from the busy urban environment to the landscaped courtyard which marks the centre of the communal home. From here, residents progress on further to their homes, always aware of the presence of nature.

The second key concept was that the four cores of the design would form visual anchors and enhance wayfinding around the building giving a sense of place. Each lift core only serves 2 apartments per floor avoiding the use of long corridors. The cores also provide direct access to the roof terrace allowing residents to move from their front door to the roof either by lift or stairs. The glazed cloister which connects these cores establishes a visual link between these two conceptual ideas.

What considerations were made to complement the existing local architecture?

Chimes brings something new to the neighbourhood. The bold green glazed building stands in contrast to its red and brown brick neighbours and aims to have a similar presence to the bold Channel 4 Headquarters opposite.

The built form, however, is sympathetic to the local context with building heights corresponding to its neighbours. The main façade spans between neighbours continuing the urban grain, whilst the ground floor follows the two angles of neighbouring buildings to establish a clear point of entrance.

What did you enjoy about working on this project?

There tends to be an assumption that as we grow older people want to leave urban life behind, but in reality, as healthcare advances and we are able to stay healthier for longer, many of us will want to live independently, with the same access to activity for much longer.

Chimes has all the benefits of city-life on its doorstep and allows us to reimagine the wealth and breadth of the offering that should be afforded as we all grow older. There is also an interesting dynamic between the shared and the private: while the apartments allow residents to live independently, they can nonetheless benefit from the wealth of amenities and social spaces.


For those looking to embrace city life whilst residing at a stylish development then the new homes at Chimes are launching in August. To find out more call 020 7980 8700 or email [email protected]