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Meet the Head Chef at The Barn, Steepleton

11 March 2020

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Our Pie Night in celebration of British Pie Week proved extremely popular at The Barn restaurant at our Steepleton development! So we’ve caught up with Head Chef, Jamie Boon, in between service to find out a bit more about the restaurant, what inspired him, what customers can look forward to and see if he’ll share a recipe for us to try at home.

Why did you become a chef? Can you briefly talk us through your background?

I struggled academically at school but was always very practical, good at art and drawing and the more creative subjects. My brother is a chef and I used to love watching him prepping in the kitchen. My dad was also a keen cook, particularly baking so, in spite of the long hours, when I left school, I decided to do catering.

I honed my skills at Runshaw College in Lancashire which has a two rosette restaurant. After college I worked my way up in two and three rosette kitchens and then went back to basics as I preferred the hands on approach in a one rosette kitchen, before heading to Australia to work in top celebrity restaurant Boronia Kitchen. Since returning I’ve worked at some of the restaurants in PegasusLife developments and now I’m Head Chef at The Barn.

What are your food inspirations/influences? Any cuisine you particularly love cooking?

I go through phases, recently I’ve been going down more an abstract route, playing around with dishes. I want people to be wowed. The Barn has an open kitchen so it’s a great stage for a chef. I can see the faces of the customers and it’s great to see how people react to what goes on in the kitchen and to the dishes we serve them. I enjoy that aspect of what I do. I like to push myself and do something better each time.

The cuisine I mostly cook is French, I’m French trained, but I like to mix different types of cuisine and put my own spin on a dish but mainly I like to let the food do the talking and keep it as fresh as I can.

The sharing Tetbury Pie at British Pie Night sounds delicious. What sort of other food will you feature at The Barn?

Every couple of weeks we do a Fish Friday which is very popular but I’ll always try to switch up an ingredient so I might do a vodka batter or use different vinegars for the chips, like blackberry. We’ve held a Caribbean themed night. I want to do a French night and I’d also like to start introducing molecular gastronomy with a fine dining taster menu one night and really take it up a notch or two. Day to day I keep it relatively simple, favourites like duck a l’orange or a risotto with a modern British twist.

When people aren’t enjoying the delicious food at The Barn, can you share a favourite recipe they could enjoy at home?

A favourite is duck a l’orange, my duck sauce really makes it! To cook the duck breast, pan fry them for five minutes on each side, skin side down first, and finish off in the oven for five minutes at 180 C. Then let them rest while you do the sauce:

1 shallot diced

½ cinnamon stick

3 cardamom pods

2 star anise

one bay leaf

one tsp Chinese five spice

½ tsp ground ginger,

15g sugar,

10 pink peppercorns,

15mls white wine vinegar

15mls Cointreau

50 ml orange juice

300 ml of chicken or duck stock

Fry the shallot and add all the spices. Sauté for a few minutes then deglaze the pan with the white wine vinegar and add the sugar. Stir and mix until it caramelises then add the Cointreau and orange juice and bring to the boil for a minute. Add the stock and reduce by 2/3 before passing through a sieve. Finish with some butter to emulsify and serve with the pan fried duck breast, creamy mash and some buttered green beans or kale.


To enjoy Jamie’s delicious dishes please call 01666 746002 to reserve your table at The Barn at Steepleton, Cirencester Road, Tetbury GL8 8FQ. To find out about living at Steepleton please call 01666 848228 or email [email protected]