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Meet the host: Sarah Crowther at Atlantic Rise

01 March 2019

Atlantic Rise Community

At the heart of the PegasusLife philosophy is community. We thrive on bringing people together in beautiful developments, tailored to their location and the lifestyle of our residents. Each development has its own hosts who act not only as a friendly face but to provide practical support, enabling anyone in the community to lead independent, fulfilling lives.

We sat down for tea with Sarah Crowther, one of the hosts at our Atlantic Rise development in Bude, to find out what she loves most about her role.

Can you tell us what your role as a host entails?

“Over my four years at PegasusLife, I have found that my role has evolved to meet the individual needs of the residents here. No two days are the same. For some people, I help with practical skills such as filling out paperwork or helping with IT, whereas for others, I act as a friendly face, available to talk, to sit, and to listen.

“I am an enabler and facilitator for the community, helping people to continue their day-to-day lives, pursuing the hobbies and activities they enjoy.”

What’s life like at Atlantic Rise?

“Atlantic Rise is located in the heart of Bude. It is a lively and bustling location, close to everything in town – and from the residence, there are 180-degree coastal views to be enjoyed. Many of our residents are originally from Cornwall or the surrounding regions and are independent, enjoying the same way of life they have done for many years within the comfort of community.

“We run coffee mornings on Wednesdays, which are a great way to bring people together. It allows them to form friendships, get to know one another and arrange new activities. Often residents will organise trips to the cinema or the beach, they will celebrate festivals, or enjoy food together - whether it’s a Spanish tapas evening, cheese and wine, or our fortnightly afternoon tea.

“Many of the ongoing activities and events are self-started by the residents themselves and I simply help to facilitate them to make them bigger and better or to provide additional resources.”

Which elements of your job do you find the most rewarding?

“I find enabling people to move forward in a positive way while keeping their independence particularly rewarding. Often, I am able to sit back and observe before stepping in to lend a helping hand when someone needs it. 

“I look out for all of the residents, checking in and helping them with any needs. Ensuring that nobody ever has to feel alone is such a key part of what I do.”

What are the main benefits of the PegasusLife lifestyle for the residents who live at Atlantic Rise?

“The whole place has such a vibrant, friendly atmosphere. There are so many different people and personalities together in one space. While initially, there is a period of adjustment for people moving into the properties, they soon find themselves surrounded by a caring community, continuing life as before. 

“Residents can always have company if they would like it. The lounges and open spaces are a great place for people to chat over a coffee.”

Do you have a favourite story from your time at PegasusLife?

“Recently, we started a rural community transport scheme. Each week I am able to take up to 14 people out in a minibus. This activity provides a fun day out for many residents, without needing to rely on family members. I was able to take one lady in a wheelchair out in the minibus, pushing her wheelchair once we got to RHS Garden Rosemoor. 

“She was so full of joy at being able to go out with friends that she insisted on inviting her daughter over to tell her all about it. It is the little stories like this that help me to feel like I am really able to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Would you have any encouraging words to say to someone considering buying a PegasusLife home?

 “Something that residents continually tell me is that as soon as they moved in, they had no regrets. For most people, the PegasusLife experience is above and beyond their expectation of what it could be. Often people had not realised they were lonely or in need of new surroundings until they found us. 

“While it may feel like a big decision, with fear of the unknown, visualise yourself six months down the line with coffee on tap, friends to chat with and a beautiful setting to call your home.”

At each of our properties, an onsite host just like Sarah is available to residents Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 1 pm. Consider a PegasusLife home for the future today. 

Arrange a bespoke tour at one of our developments today and see for yourself what life here is really like.