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Plan your ultimate holiday this year

16 July 2018

Whether you’re seeking warmer climates or longing to re-ignite your sense of adventure, the start of a new year provides the perfect opportunity to plan a big trip to remember.

The benefits of travel

Travel helps you make the most of your retirement, expand your horizons and gives you something to look forward to. Even for seasoned jet-setters, the benefits of travelling somewhere new are extensive.

Alongside promising exciting experiences, great food, rest and relaxation, travel has also been shown to come with a wealth of benefits for mental, physical and emotional health. According to David J Ekerdt from the University of Kansas, ‘Travel is an affirmation of good health.’

With varied continents, a diverse range of cultures and a wealth of picturesque landscapes to discover, the list of potential holiday destinations is endless. While holiday planning can leave you feeling spoilt for choice, we have outlined some of our favourite travel options to consider for 2019.

Visit a famous landmark

There are a whole host of spectacular landmarks around the world that simply cannot be missed. Explore the Seven Wonders of the World, seek out fascinating architecture, or find picture-postcard moments with famous monuments.

Spanning over 13,000 miles, take a walk along the Great Wall of China, climb the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza, eat gelato by Rome’s Colosseum, stand back in wonder at the Taj Mahal, or take a cable car over Rio de Janeiro to stand with Christ the Redeemer. For the energetic, you could even consider a guided walk to Machu Picchu in Peru.

Embrace the wonders of nature

Enjoy breath-taking scenery, take a chance on the Northern Lights, sleep beneath the stars, or listen to ocean waves crashing over golden sands. Whether you want to explore mountains, rainforests, deserts, snowy plains or beaches, there are spectacular views to be celebrated.

If you’re an animal-lover, combine scenery with wildlife. Pick a safari in Africa, a whale watching trip in Canada or experience some of the most diverse and stunning wildlife on the planet on the Galapagos Islands.

Embrace a new way to travel

Take a cruise in an ocean liner around the exotic islands of the Caribbean, enjoy the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean or sail up the Nordic coast visiting spectacular fjords. Alternatively, choose a river cruise along the Nile, the Danube or the Italian waterways to see the Dolomites and canal network around Venice.

Or to travel in style, you could consider a train holiday to Lake Garda or through The Rocky Mountains.

To truly make it a holiday of a lifetime, go all-out on a private plane, helicopter or balloon ride, sail around the Fijian islands in a private yacht or head for the hills in your very own sports car rental.

Treat yourself to a luxury hotel

Rest and relax. There are some incredible hotels around the world with stunning views, comfortable rooms, restaurant fine-dining and high-quality service.

Experience an unusual stay at an ice hotel, sleep beneath the Northern Lights in a glass igloo, or enjoy a night beneath the sea in one of Dubai’s underwater hotels or choose optimal luxury in your own Maldives beach hut.

Solo or group travel?

If you love a sense of freedom and flexibility solo travel enables you to embrace your inner pioneer, exploring at your own pace and travelling in your own direction.

Prefer the company of others? There are a wide range of group travel opportunities and tour companies who can provide pre-defined tour routes to enjoy with like-minded people.

Whatever your holiday style, there are a range of options to explore for 2019. There is no time like the present to start thinking about your next big adventure.

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