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Relaxing golf and spa hotel breaks

15 March 2019

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With Britain’s breathtaking countryside on our doorsteps, it’s a real tonic to get away from your usual routine for some vital time outdoors.

Fresh air, exercise and relaxation are proven to be good for the mind, body and spirit - it’s really important to look after your wellbeing. Many of us tend to slow down after middle age, but experts extol the benefits of staying active for older people.

The virtues of physical activity

Taking up a sport, such as swimming or golf, not only tones your muscles and improves your joint mobility, it also increases energy, helps you sleep better and sharpens the brain.

In the long term, increasing your exercise regime can help prevent illness and many diseases.

The mental rewards are equally impressive. The positive power of exercise will significantly reduce stress, anxiety and depression - conditions which often affect retired people who suddenly find themselves with plenty of spare time when they are no longer working.

Exercise releases endorphins (a feel-good chemical) in the brain and improves quality of life, but exercise doesn’t always have to lead to overexertion. Dancing, joining a bowling club, pilates classes or even a regular walk in the park can boost self-esteem and make people feel more positive.

Mastering mindfulness

Wellbeing can also be achieved by learning to meditate - either alone at home or with others led by a teacher. Why not practise yoga techniques, take part in local Tai Chi class or try building time for relaxation into your daily routine. Just learning a few breathing exercises will bring a wonderful sense of calm and control.

PegasusLife is a company that focuses on helping people to live well. We do this by actively promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to prevent the onset of illness and to make the right choices to enable people to live well. Where fitness facilities are available, there are serene pools, treatments rooms, state-of-the-art gyms and movement studios offering a variety of classes.

While your PegasusLife home offers every comfort, getting away for a few days to be pampered at a luxury hotel is also guaranteed to boost your mood, leaving you feeling happier and more energised.

A relaxing change of scene can often be found nearby - here are a few suggestions for sublime short breaks at a selection of prestigious hotels offering wonderful spa facilities and the opportunity to enjoy a great round (or two!) of golf.


Bowood Hotel

If you’re in the West Country, perhaps in Bath, Bristol or Tetbury, escape to Bowood Hotel, spa and golf resort on the idyllic Bowood Estate in Calne, Wiltshire.

Guests can check in to enjoy luxurious rooms and suites; dine in style at The Shelburne Restaurant; relax in the fabulous spa and take time to play on a championship 18-hole golf course in the stunning grounds.


Carey’s Manor Hotel

On the South Coast, residents from Poole or Brockenhurst can enjoy a retreat to the glorious Carey’s Manor Hotel.

Situated in the heart of the New Forest, Carey’s offers the perfect base for your relaxing break - plush accommodation, a choice of three restaurants, the award-winning Thai-inspired Senspa and golf available nearby at the Brockenhurst Manor Golf Club.


Budock Vean Resort

If you’re in Devon or Cornwall, a trip to the Budock Vean Resort, on the banks of the Helford River, is an unforgettable treat.

The 9-hole golf course, originally designed by championship golfer James Braid in the 1920s, is set in mature parkland and is playable throughout the year. The resort’s spa offers yoga and wellbeing sessions in addition to a bespoke menu of treatments and spa days, and the restaurant serves delicious, locally sourced food.


Grayshott Spa

Residents in the South East can be assured of a relaxing escape from the world when they head for sublime Grayshott Spa in Surrey.

Grayshott Health Spa is world-renowned for its award-winning health and fitness regime offered to those looking to improve health issues and their wellbeing.

Set in 47 acres of landscaped gardens, Grayshott has a warm, friendly atmosphere, expert caring staff on hand and gives its guests a chance to completely relax.

The restaurants serve delicious and nutritious meals; there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts; daily exercise classes and walks, and a fantastic 9-hole golf course.


Mottram Hall

If you’re located near Cheshire, a visit to Mottram Hall will give you a wonderful welcome and the opportunity to relax amid delightful rolling countryside.

The splendid 18th century Mottram Hall is the ultimate destination for those wanting to unwind. Guests can de-stress in the luxury spa or head for a round of golf on the £1.5m refurbished 18-hole championship course.

Awarded for its culinary excellence, traditional British dishes are served with contemporary techniques and fine seasonal flavours.

Afternoon tea is, of course, on the menu too - and there’s a champagne bar where you can drink to good health.