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The Beautiful Basingstoke Canal Walk

17 April 2020

B canal

The benefits of walking are well known and whilst we are all in self isolation and maintaining our distance from each other, the latest government advice allows one form of exercise a day such as a walk, run or cycle, alone or with members of your household. With walking in mind, we take a look at one route, close to Moor’s Nook, where those local to Woking may be able to venture out and take some exercise in line with advice, as well as soak up nature in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Right on the doorstep of Moor’s Nook is a towpath which runs along the Basingstoke Canal and is accessible for local visitors to walk along and enjoy. The towpath which is level and well maintained is part of a 33 mile trail that runs from Greywell to West Byfleet through many of Hampshire and Surrey’s pretty towns and villages.

Basingstoke Canal was completed in 1794 to connect Basingstoke with the River Thames at Weybridge, via the Wey Navigation and passes through Woking. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful waterways in Britain and the two mile stretch from Wheatsheaf Bridge to Kiln Bridge featuring several bridges, two locks and abundant wildlife, can be accessed from Woking town centre.

A two-mile stretch can offer a perfect walking route to achieve some varied 30 minute to an hour walks - the length of time which it is recommended adults walk, on five days a week, as being one of the best forms of exercise. Walking can improve performance of the heart, lungs and circulation, lower blood pressure and is wonderful for improving the mood, reducing anxiety and aiding sleep and over all wellbeing, especially at a time like this when we are all feeling more anxious than usual, stuck indoors and inactive for far longer than we are used to.

Being on the doorstep, the walk is in line with advice, if you choose to walk for exercise, to walk only locally to where you live. Please ensure you keep 6ft distance from anyone you pass on your walk. Hopefully for Woking locals and owners at Moor’s Nook, with the Canal on their doorstep, the towpath can add a delightful scenic to break up the routine.




Due to the current COVID-19 situation Moors Nook is closed to visitors until further notice however the sales team are available on the phone, 01483 431071 or by email [email protected] to discuss your next chapter post-lockdown.