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The top 10 apps for seamless travel

08 February 2019

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Travel, both in the UK and abroad, is an exciting prospect. Whether you choose to travel solo, with a partner or with friends, with so many places to explore, sights to visit and cities to see, the world really is your oyster. 

Travel also comes with its challenges if you are not fully prepared. Ensure your travel experience is seamless with our top 10 list of mobile phone applications to help you enjoy your holiday experience to the maximum:

1. Google Translate

Google Translate App

Overcome foreign-language barriers abroad by downloading Google Translate. This clever app knows over 100 languages and allows you to type or talk into the device, translating your words into a language of your choice. You can also use Google Translate to help you to understand signs and menus, using your phone’s camera to ‘read’ the words and translate them into English on your screen. The best part is, you can still do written translation even if you do not have an internet connection.

2. City Maps 2Go

Find your way around with ease by downloading the City Maps 2Go app. Pre-download the map for your holiday destination and use it offline to explore. The app includes information and photos of restaurants, shops, attractions and bars in the area, so everything you need to know is readily available. You are also able to save places and attractions in lists to share with friends or as a checklist of places to visit.

3. AccuWeather 

Check the weather ahead of your holiday or find out how best to dress for the day once you are abroad with the AccuWeather app. The app is able to regularly update a minute-by-minute rain and temperature forecast for the next two hours in your exact location. It also includes ‘Real Feel’ temperature readings and severe weather alerts, so you can be fully prepared with a raincoat, jumper or suncream. Make the app your own by customising it to show alerts related to specific health concerns such as respiratory issues.

4. Tripit

Tripit App

Keep all of your travel documents safe and sound without having to wade through streams of paperwork or scrolling through endless emails. Tripit is a great app used to store all of your travel documents in one place (with exception of your passport). Once you receive a hotel, flight or car hire reservation, forward it on to an email address provided in the app, and it will organise all of the key info into chronological order. Be kind to the environment, organised, and free of stress with all of your key information readily available in the palm of your hand.

5. XE Currency Converter

Escape the uncertainty of not knowing how much money you are spending in a foreign currency, with XE’s simple currency converter app. When connected to the internet, the app shows live exchange rates and historical rates, allowing you to convert pounds into a foreign currency and vice versa. Even without an internet connection, you can do conversions based on the last saved exchange rate.

6. Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

Find, explore and book a stay at luxury and boutique hotels around the world. Mr & Mrs Smith is perfect for travellers who are in search of the world’s best hotels. The app features a curated collection of over 950 hotels, allowing you to search, favourite and book with ease.

7. Uber

Uber App

Transforming the way the world does taxis, Uber is a great way to get around big cities. Once you tell the app where you are trying to get to, the app uses your location to find you a nearby driver. Before you ride, the app gives a fair estimate, tells you how far away your driver is, and what car they are driving. As the app calculates the fare and the directions, Uber is a safe way to travel without ending up somewhere you didn’t expect or being given an extortionate fare to pay. Payment for your ride is taken securely via your bank card via the app, so no need to carry the correct cash. The app is available in 84 countries and can be used in over 700 cities.

8. Skype

Be able to chat with your friends and family face to face while you are away. Skype is the world’s leading video calling app, allowing you to make free, unlimited voice or video calls to anyone in the world who also has the app; all you need is an internet connection. Whether you call one person or do a group call with up to nine devices, Skype is a great way to keep connected.

9. MediSafe 

Remember to take your medicines on time, even if your holiday destination is on a different time zone and you are suffering from jet lag. Medisafe is a simple pill reminder, that can be paired with a friend or family member’s phone, to ensure you keep on top of any health issues you may have while you are away.

10. National Trust - Days Out 

If you’re looking for a day out or staycation in the UK, the National Trust Days Out app is your perfect travelling companion. The app lists over 585 special places of interest across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including coastline, countryside, archaeological sites, historic houses, and monuments. Find places around you, see what events are on, plan your walking route and save your favourite places. This app is available for use offline, so you don’t need to worry about having an internet connection to use it out and about.

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