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Who to notify when you move

16 October 2019

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There’s plenty to look forward to when you’re moving to a new PegasusLife home - a luxury lifestyle in comfortable stylish surroundings and the prospect of bright times ahead.

But before you pack up your possessions and bid a fond farewell to your old home, make sure you let everybody know you’re on the move.

It’s easy to forget to let some people and organisations know that you’re changing your address. But it is important not to overlook these administrative tasks, so make time to work through this to-do list before you leave your old home for the last time.

Here are our recommendations to make sure you tie up all your old ends and keep everybody informed:

1. Post

Set up a re-direction of your mail to protect yourself from identity theft - and to make sure you continue to receive any post for your that is addressed to your previous home. It’s easy to arrange at the Post Office, for a small charge, and ideally should be put in place for six to 12 months after you move.

2. Finance

Protect your financial affairs and prevent new credit cards or PIN numbers going astray by informing your:

  • bank
  • building society
  • credit card companies
  • local council
  • HMRC
  • pension service

Give them your moving date, change of address, and any other relevant changes to your circumstances.

3. Home cover

Make sure you’re covered on your home insurance - check with your current insurer that your property and buildings are protected up to and during the move - and let them know of your new address and moving date.

If you need to arrange new home insurance, you can schedule it up to 30 days in advance - it’s also a good opportunity to compare insurance companies online to get the best deal.

4. Cars

You will need to update the address on your driving licence, your car ownership certificate and your car insurance to ensure that everything is correct before you move into your new home. It doesn’t cost anything to change your address on your driving licence and you can apply by post or online at www.gov.uk

Make sure your car insurance company knows you have moved as most policy pricing is based on your location - and if you fail to notify your insurer they could refuse to pay out if you make a claim. It's a good idea to check with your dedicated PegasusLife sales manager if you have a dedicated parking space for your new apartment, or the available parking in the surrounding areas as this can vary between developments. You will need to let your car insurance company know how your car will be parked overnight.

To update your car owner certificate, send your logbook (V5C) with your new address to DVLA and they will issue a new certificate. Also, inform your car breakdown company and car finance company if applicable.

5. Vote

Change your details on the electoral roll to ensure you can still vote in local and national elections after you move. Update the register at www.gov.uk

6. TV

If you want to watch television in your new home, you will need to notify the TV licensing company of your move at https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/cs/update/your-licence/index.app

7. Digital TV and broadband

If they cover your new area, most broadband, landline and digital TV providers will allow you to take your existing package with you when you move. Contact your provider to find out more or find an alternative by shopping around for a better package deal for your new home. It is worth finding out if any lines are already installed in your new PegasusLife apartment as this could have you some time. Similarly, let your mobile phone provider know your new address.

8. Regular deliveries

From wine to vegetable boxes, magazines to milk, make sure you inform any companies which delivery regularly to you of your change of address and moving date.

9. Final meter readings

Don’t forget to make a note of your water, gas and electricity meter readings at your property and notify your suppliers before you move - don’t get billed for the next owner’s usage! You can also inform the utility companies of your new address at the same time. However if you’re not tied to a fixed deal, you could save money by switching to different gas and electric suppliers. In some PegasusLife developments there are individual gas meters per apartment, and in others it is shared and paid through the service charge - so it is worth checking this with your sales manager before contacting your utility company.

10. Premium Bonds

If you hold Premium Bonds, it’s quick and easy to change your address online at www.nsandi.com. Also, if you have company shares, let them know you’re on the move.

11. Health

Last but certainly not least, it’s really important to get registered with a local doctor before you move - and ideally a dentist too. If necessary, look for an optician and a vet if you have a pet.

All sorted? Now you can look forward to moving on with peace of mind.