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Downsize your bills,

not your lifestyle


A Renaissance home could make your household bills 59% cheaper*


When you move into a Renaissance community, not only will you benefit from having a community on your doorstep in a beautifully appointed apartment designed for later living, you could also save on monthly bills.

Our modern, new build apartments have higher energy efficiency ratings than older properties, so you are likely to save on heating, utility and electricity costs.

Buy new, save more


According to research carried out by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), on average, owners of a new build property save £395 on heating bills, £28 on hot water and £12 on lighting each year. In total, the yearly household bill for older properties was £890, almost twice as much as the annual bill for a new build which was £455.

Moreover, this data was taken from their March 2022 report; before the energy price cap increase, so savings are likely to be even greater now.

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Downsize your savings further 


Downsize from a larger property with 3-4 bedrooms to a Renaissance apartment, and you're likely to make even bigger savings as you won't be paying to heat vacant rooms. Our one and two bedroom apartments provide exceptional spaces to call home with a guest suite on site for visiting friends and family, so you can continue to live a sociable lifestyle whilst reducing your energy costs.


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Reduce your cost of living with Renaissance

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Energy efficient

The communities we build have a high EPC rating which, in short, is a review of a property’s energy efficiency. The difference between a low and a high EPC rating could mean mega-savings on energy bills each year.

The average property across England and Wales has an energy efficiency rating of D. At Renaissance, we comply with the ever increasing requirements for energy efficiency of the Building Regulations, resulting in a higher standard and a better insulated home, likely to save you on running costs. In addition to this, all of our apartments have modern low-energy integrated appliances throughout.

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Warm & comforting

With comfort and convenience as top priorities, all of our home are well insulated and use a combination of high performance double and triple glazed windows, guaranteeing you a cosy night in when you want one in a space designed to keep the heat in, not out.

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Low carbon heating

Our Sandhurst, Poole and Bourne End communities all benefit from having a Ground Source Heat Pump installed to generate heat for the homes.

This system offers excellent low carbon heating that is popular due to its high efficiency rate and low running costs. It works by making use of the ground's constant temperature to heat up your home; either for space and/or domestic water heating and should lead to reduced running costs when compared to gas-based or direct electric heating alternatives.


A great location on your doorstep


What's more, all of our Renaissance communities are located in desirable areas with an abundance of amenities and transport links on your doorstep with most being just a short walk away from the local high street or town centre, so you can leave the car at home and save on fuel costs.

Featured communities


Renaissance Wharf Lane 
Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

Purchase from £650,000
Rent from £3,582 pcm

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Renaissance Cranleigh Coves
Cranleigh, Surrey

Purchase from £585,000
Rent from £3,376 pcm

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poole garden

Renaissance Sandbanks Road
Poole Dorset

Purchase from £370,000
Rent from £2,073 pcm

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vb1830672 Renaissance Sandhurst Exterior 4 v2

Renaissance Sandhurst
Sandhurst, Berkshire

Purchase from £285,000
Rent from £1,768 pcm

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Did you know...


Renaissance is part of the Lifestory Group which is made up of Renaissance, Pegasus & Anthology.

We also have a number of exceptional later living communities across the UK by Pegasus, including desirable destinations such as Bath, Lymington, Winchester and Wooburn Green. 


Discover Pegasus

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Statistics taken from the Home Builders Federation - https://www.hbf.co.uk/news/new-build-homes-save-owners-629-a-year-on-energy-bills/ Cornwall Insight - https://www.cornwall-insight.com/cornwall-insight-release-final-predictions-for-octobers-price-cap/ and BuyAssociation - https://www.buyassociation.co.uk/2022/04/12/energy-savings-of-new-builds/