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Community Stories

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Discover what it is like to live in a Renaissance community through the stories of those who live there.


We love getting to know our Renaissance homeowners and tenants whilst listening to their stories on what led them to move into their new homes. Each story is unique to their lives and the journeys they have taken, however, the one common theme is that they are happy with their decision. 


From our communities in coastal Dorset, to those in villages and market towns in Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, below you'll find a selection of the stories from across our Renaissance communities.

Maureen & Terry

"Once a week one of us will turn to the other and we say how much we love it here. We keep congratulating ourselves on doing the right thing."

- Maureen & Terry, Homeowners

Llywela Cottington, Homeowner

“One of the biggest changes for me since moving here has been the companionship. We all get on so well together as a community."

- Llywela Cottington, Homeowner

Gabrielle & Nick, Homeowners

“For anyone in our position who has newly retired, living in a Renaissance community really is ideal for kicking off your retirement."

- Gabrielle & Nick, Homeowners

Andrea Johnston

“I couldn’t choose just one favourite part. I’ve got a garden but I don’t have to garden and there’s always people around."

- Nora Wright, Homeowner

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"It’s all worked out and I have no regrets over moving here. I couldn’t think of anywhere better than this and it's so central!”

- Andrea Johnston, Homeowner

Jenny Chaplin, Homeowner

"The community here is, I suppose, really and truly similar to how I was brought up, in that we would look out for our neighbours."

- Jenny Chaplin, Homeowner

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"Renting at Rustington has been very beneficial as it provides me with more flexibility and greater savings for any emergencies and the future.”

- Joan Edgley, Tenant

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"We love that our new home will be maintenance-free but for us, the security is a great draw. It’s fantastic to know we just need to lock the front door, and everything is safe and sound.”

- Mr & Mrs Russell, Homeowners

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“One of the things I really enjoy here is having my daughter and granddaughters nearby. I really feel like I’m near the family now which I didn’t have before."

- Jack Thompson, Homeowner