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Community matters - it’s good for your health

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As we get older, more of our time is our own, which is why it is important to spend as much of it with our nearest and dearest as possible. No matter what age we are, our social lives play a huge role in our overall happiness. It’s one of many reasons why Renaissance Retirement builds properties that have a community at the heart.

Community Leads to Happiness

As we get older, we are more likely to experience loneliness. According to AGE UK, 3.6 million people in the UK live alone and two million of those are aged over 75. What’s more, 1.9 million older people have told Age UK that at some point they have felt ignored or just invisible to the world. Loneliness has also been proven to affect our health and has been compared to causing the same harm as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

According to research professors from the University of New Hampshire, who conducted a study called Happiness from Ordinary and Extraordinary Experiences, social interaction with friends and family is at the forefront of our wellbeing as we grow older. Our perception of happiness through experiences shifts with age.

The study found:

“Once people are older and have established a better sense of who they are from this process, the experiences they view as self-defining are just as likely to include the routine events that reveal how they like to spend their time.” 1

“Older people are more present-orientated and prioritise emotional goals, often seeking emotionally fulfilling social interactions with familiar others.” 1

How can we help?

With this in mind, at Renaissance Retirement we understand how interaction can have a significant positive impact on quality of life. Ensuring our owners have a community of like-minded people around them is at the core of our values when building a development.

This focus on community is one of the reasons why we find it essential to build shared areas into our developments, such as communal lounges, outdoor patios, lawns and terraces. We want to provide the ideal environments to relax and socialise with neighbours, get together for tea or just sit and read the papers. You don’t have to venture far to find a friendly face. Some of our developments even host regular social events, such as reading groups, games nights, fish and chip Fridays, film nights or other social outings. 

Retirement with Independence

Whilst many Renaissance owners enjoy all the development has to offer, they also like to remain part of the local community. Lots of owners have lived in the area before coming to live at a Renaissance Retirement property, so are still active in clubs or community projects.

We feel it is important for owners to maintain that lifestyle - it shouldn’t change just because they have moved. Integrating with the wider community has meant many of Renaissance properties are built near town centres and lots of local amenities such as doctors surgeries and supermarkets, with easy access to transport links. Some sites even run a communal car service that regularly runs trips to the supermarket and other shops, theatre or cinema. So even if you don’t drive any more, you can still remain on the move.

Enabling social and physical connections is essential to ensure the happiness of our owners and the sustainability of any residential development. Renaissance Retirement’s developments are all about living independently, allowing you to enjoy life to the full and spending more of that quality time with friends and family.

Why not come and see for yourself what life is like at your local Renaissance Retirement property? Contact us to book a viewing today. 


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