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How to Rightsize your new home

27 November 2019

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Moving to your wonderful Renaissance Retirement apartment is an exciting prospect. A whole new life chapter is beginning - so it is important to plan ahead and rightsize for when you are on the move.

There’s a lot to be said for ‘decluttering’: having a good sort-out of your cupboards and storage areas brings a real sense of satisfaction and clarity. It will help you plan for a smooth move with a calm frame of mind.

We’ve put together some ideas to help you start the decluttering process, so that you are rightsized for your new apartment:

Clean up with a clear-out!

Have a kitchen clear-out - not only do you need to get rid of unused equipment, make sure you throw out any food - tins and packets usually - that have gone out of date. In the last few weeks in your current home. try to use up what is in your fridge, freezer and cupboards - and only buy essentials. This will ensure you move with the bare minimum of foodstuffs and can restock in your new home.

Likewise, have a real sort through bathroom cupboards and drawers to condense toiletries, make-up and cleaning products that you have collected over the years. Some may have been used just once or twice and ended up at the back of the cupboard. If you have saved gifts, such as bath sets or aftershave or perfume, throw away anything that is more than a few years old or donate newer items to a charity shop.

Most of us have an airing cupboard jam-packed with sets of bed linen and old towels - often mismatched as they have been gathered over a number of years. Before you move, have a good purge - throw away any old or worn towels and bedding so that you only take nice sets to your new home. Keep the amount to a minimum - and remember that many Renaissance Retirement developments have fully equipped guest suites should anyone wish to stay.

Throw open your wardrobe doors, shoe cupboards, coat racks and overstuffed chests of drawers and fill charity bags and black bin bags with items you no longer wear or that have gone tatty. Of course, once you get to your new home - you can take even more pleasure in refilling your wardrobes and cupboards with new items!

Make your furniture fit the space

Spend some time with your close family members deciding what items will fit into your new apartment - and what may be too big, bulky or look out of place. You may have spare rooms, an overfilled garage or cupboards to empty - work methodically through each space to decide if items should be packed, recycled or thrown away.

You will only need so much furniture, especially if you are moving to smaller living space, so allocate the best to the rooms in your new apartment and sell or give away the rest. Remember, if you have built-in kitchen appliances such as a washing machine and a fridge-freezer in your new apartment, you won’t need your old white goods.

Over the years your house has probably been filled with treasured ornaments, sentimental photographs and mementos of times past. Now it’s time to look forward and choose a few of your favourites to avoid your new apartment looking cluttered. Perhaps you could consider if there is a friend or family member who would find joy in receiving some of your treasured possessions

Bring the outdoors to life

If your new apartment has a balcony, consider if your current patio set will fit - or plan on treating yourself to new outdoor seating when you’re settled in. Get rid of any other garden furniture and equipment, such as lawnmowers, hedge-trimmers and tools you will not need. Remember, the communal gardens at Renaissance Retirement developments are meticulously maintained as part of your service charge package - so you really won’t need to worry about this!

Digital solution

You may over the years have acquired piles of old paperwork, photos, music, and videos or DVDs - and taking them with you will quickly clutter your new home. 

A solution is to store wanted files, photos and music digitally - and then dispose of the hard copies (unless they are of particular value or importance). You will obviously need to keep paper versions of some important personal documents, so make sure these are neatly stored in a filing case.

If you need some help doing this, don’t be afraid to ask a younger member of your family.

Extra Support

It is reassuring to have family members to help you - but help is also at hand with our complimentary* SmoothMove service which takes all the heavy work and worry away from you. Decluttering your current home is offered as part of this fully-inclusive service.


*Not available to rental customers