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Make it a smooth move: our tips and tricks

You’re on the move – and while the prospect of packing up your old home may be daunting, you have plenty to look forward to in your new Renaissance Retirement apartment. There’s a bright future ahead for you to share with family members and new friends -  but first, there’s packing to be done.

10 July 2019

Taking charge yourself

Remember to stock up on cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, strong tape and thick marker pens for labelling - all can be ordered online or arranged by Renaissance Retirement through the SmoothMove service*. Old newspapers are useful for lining boxes and packing around delicate items.

Plan well ahead by giving yourself as much time as possible, you’ll be surprised how much time it can take to pack your boxes for the move - it’s a good idea to use a wall calendar to mark your progress.

Make sure you have a floor plan of your new apartment with items of the furniture you are taking marked down in the appropriate room. If you've not been given one, request a floor plan from your dedicated Renaissance Retirement sales manager and they will be more than happy to provide one for you.

Extra support from friends or family

Call on family and friends to help you - together, you can sort through the contents of each room, decide what is to go with you to your new home and what is to be given or thrown away.

Packing is tiring physical work, so ask for their assistance filling and lifting large or heavy items - you’ll get the job done in half the time. Also, it is reassuring to have somebody by your side to share the moving experience with and to talk about your plans for your new Renaissance Retirement apartment. Don’t forget to schedule in coffee and tea breaks too.

What goes, what stays?

Work out what to do with your possessions if they’re unsuitable or unnecessary for your new home. Broken or worn-out items can be taken to the local household waste centre; those with some use, such as books, kitchen equipment and ornaments, could go to your favourite charity shop. 

Items in good condition with some value may be sold online - try eBay or Gumtree or sell at auction - and then you can treat yourself to something new with the proceeds.

Keep your resolve to part with items you won’t need in your new home as sentimentality can often lead us to hold onto things - maybe seek the support of a family member who could take the pressure off you and handle this task. We've put together a guide on how to declutter for your move to get you started. 

Plan of action

Think about how much you can take with you to fit comfortably into your new apartment. Begin by sorting out storage spaces, your cupboards and the box room or garage, then progress to the dining room or hallway and work your way methodically through your home until every room has been assessed, sorted and packed.

Perfect packing

It’s a good idea to pack strategically. This will save you getting into a muddle about where things are - or having to unpack them again if you need them before the move! The order in which you box up your things is just as important as how carefully you pack them. 

Make a start in the spare bedrooms, dining room, conservatory - rooms that aren’t used as often as the kitchen and bathroom - and find an accessible but discreet place to store your boxes - a garage perhaps. Remember to label every box with an inventory of what is inside - and which room of your new home the box is destined for. 

Separate all your essential items, and make sure you know exactly where this is put when you arrive in your new home. This means you’ll be able to access everything easily rather than having to go through several boxes trying to find your toiletries and a change of clothes.

You may want to consider keeping any precious documents or items close to you during the move to ensure they don’t get misplaced - for example your passport or some valuable jewellery.

Time to relax

Make sure you relax regularly and go out for coffee, walks or shopping with friends as a reward for getting the decluttering and packing done. A relaxing bath and a good book will ease the day’s labours - and make sure you get enough sleep. 

Fond memories

Why not create a memory box filled with small reminders of your old home

Here are some ideas:

  • Select a few photos of your family and friends pictured in the rooms and the garden - either in present-day or from past family gatherings;
  • Pick and press a few flowers or a stone from the garden - labelled with the place and date; 
  • Choose a small but memorable ornament that has been a feature of your old home;
  • Ask younger members of your family to each write their fondest memory of visiting you in times past on a postcard - guaranteed to bring a smile.

Sweet parting

Saying goodbye to neighbours and local friends may be difficult - but you can make it a happy and memorable experience for everyone by setting aside a few hours to invite them to your home for a farewell party. This is also a great opportunity to set aside anything you don’t want to take with you and see if anyone would like to take it off your hands. 

If you wish, don’t forget to pass on your new address - or an email address or phone number; and make sure you make a note of their contact details so that you can stay in touch. 

Help is at hand

Renaissance Retirement offers the services of a dedicated moving team, with you every step of the way.

SmoothMove is a fully-inclusive* package which involves everything from assisting you with the packing up of your home’s possessions to the unpacking and placing of your belongings in your new apartment. 

Find out more about Renaissance Retirement’s SmoothMove removals service here


*Not available to rental customers