Meet the Apprentice, Chloe Hudson

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2021 (8- 14 February), we are showcasing some of our apprentices at Lifestory and learning more about how their apprenticeships are shaping them for a rewarding career in their chosen paths.

Chloe Hudson, 18, is our Accounts Assistant Apprentice working across our finance team who has been with us for five months as part of her one-year programme. Alongside her practical, on-the-job experience with the team, she is studying to complete an Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 2 qualification. 


What inspired you to choose this career?


At college I studied A-Level Maths, Physics and Economics as I really enjoy working with numbers and data, so I was keen to continue applying this passion and acquired knowledge to a chosen career and aspiring to become an Accountant seemed the perfect fit for me.


I secured some work placements alongside my A- Level which taught me that I can learn quicker and better on the job. This led to me choosing to go down the apprenticeship route rather than going to university.


The National Apprenticeship website was very useful, and it helped me found my current role with Lifestory. Working as an Apprentice Accounts Assistant at Lifestory has allowed me to see the impact of my work within the bigger picture of the company which motivates me to do my best.

What are some key skills that you have learnt during your apprenticeship?


During my apprenticeship, I have learnt not only the technical aspects of my job but also important  skills, such as better communication, time management and problem-solving skills. I have also learnt the importance of teamwork and collaboration which was not a big aspect focused on in school. On the other hand, I have also learnt how to be more independent and rely on myself instead of others in terms of finding solutions to any problems identified and recommending how to improve our ways of working.  


I have become a more proactive worker who is able to handle responsibilities whilst managing my workload and studies which I would never have had the chance to experience through taking the traditional university route.

What have you achieved during your apprenticeship?


I am really proud to have passed my first exam with 99% and I am on my way to passing my second exam with hopefully a similar high mark. I have gained more confidence, independence, and responsibility in my role and can also liaise with external stakeholders confidently at this stage. I have also implemented a new streamlined process of maintaining our accounts which is one of my personal achievements in the short time that I have been with the company.


How has Lifestory supported you during your apprenticeship?


Lifestory has been excellent during my apprenticeship. I started at a very weird time in the world and Lifestory has offered great amounts of support such as daily calls with our finance team, bi-monthly calls with the executives to make all employees aware of what is going on and the progress of our company.


They have given me the ability to work from home and supplied everything I need to be successful in doing so. My mentor, Helen, has been extremely helpful in making sure that I feel comfortable and confident in the work that I'm doing as well as fielding any questions or concerns that I have.


Working from home can be quite tricky but I am very grateful to be able to call on my team anytime I need any extra support.

Would you recommend taking the apprenticeship route to others?


I would definitely recommend apprenticeship programmes to others especially those who have a career in mind that does not require a degree or to those who are not sure exactly what they want to do with their lives. Apprenticeships allow young people to gain confidence and experience without the looming debt of university. They are a great way to train and learn whilst doing the job which most of the time produces a more employable and stronger worker. 


Where do you see yourself once you have completed your apprenticeship?

After my apprenticeship, I hope to move on to studying Level 3 AAT apprenticeship for another 2 years while still working for Lifestory. This will be the next step for me to achieve my accountancy qualifications. The Lifestory team are extremely supportive of my future plans to advance my career and knowledge.




“Build the Future” is the theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2021, taking place between 8 and 14 February 2021, aiming to encourage everyone to consider how apprenticeships help individuals to build the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career.