Motivated by a shared mission

By Paul Bulkeley, Design Director at Snug Architects

Motivated by a shared mission.

What motivated you to get up on Monday morning? It may have been the burning sense of just how much you needed to get done. My hope is that it was a deeper sense of what you would achieve by doing those tasks. The why of what we do is so much more powerful than the what. Our best work comes when we are aware of not only what we need to get done but also why we are doing it. This is one of the reasons we have enjoyed working with Lifestory and more specifically Pegasus, over the past 9 years. We align with their mission; ‘Together we create homes and serve our customers at every stage of their life.’

When our team at Snug works for Lifestory there is a sense that we are working hard to further both of our companies’ missions. Lifestory’s mission is to ‘make homes that nurture people at every stage of life….by creating high-quality homes and experiences that inspire zestful living.’ At Snug our mission is ‘to prosper people and places by design’. We don’t have to compromise our mission to help you serve Lifestory’s.  We have always found that the best, most creative, most energetic work occurs, when values align. That is why we have enjoyed working with Lifestory and together we have done some of our best work. This is why ‘aligning values’ is one of core values. The others are ‘love where you live’ and ‘realise potential’. The words may be our own but the sentiments could easily be Lifestory’s. There is a snug fit you might say. In fact, we even chose yellow as our brand colour because it was ‘zesty’. 

Why does all this matter? Well, it matters because teams who align achieve great things together. They are pushing in the same direction, working hard towards a shared goal rather than pulling in different directions. Clearly, we have enjoyed working with Lifestory for all the normal commercial reasons but, that is not what keeps us working well together. What gets the Snug team out of bed on Monday is knowing we have work to do that furthers our mission. It is satisfying to be helping Lifestory better serve their customers also.