The Conscious Home

With Jo Love, Design Director of Love Interiors

I remember very clearly, standing in my garden at the age of 8 I made an affirmation about my personal pursuit of home. At the time I didn’t really understand why that was so important, but it has been the golden thread that has been woven throughout all my life experiences and navigated me throughout my career. It doesn’t feel like work when you are doing what you really love, and for that I am extremely grateful.

 I am an empath. This means I have extreme sensitivity to animals and people. My spirituality is easily explained as extreme empathy or guided intuition. I experience an understanding of things that are not currently measurable in the main-stream. When I choose, and I am working on homes, I can tap into this energy. I am not unique by any means, many of us work intuitively, but marrying what comes naturally for me with my experience as a designer presents me with an additional element to enhance the success of a project. I see it as an infinite source of ideas, with the goal of alignment.

In the process of purchasing a property, people almost always work on intuition, you hear ‘it feels right' or it doesn’t. This is highlighting alignment. This is not magic, this is the process of layering up a good design with thought integrity and detailing. Giving a development its identity, acknowledging the specific vibe of each project is key. These influences are created by a mix of context, commerciality, people and the intention behind the project.

In my designs I maximise opportunities for connection - the interaction between people and space - so they can easily see themselves living in the property. 

Specifically, for Lifestory homes, my intentions are to enhance living to an exceptional standard across our demographic. I work with the fundamentals of what makes us happy and secure and inspired. I do this by combining psychological and physiological design decisions that can be used in interior design, such as considered layouts, clear signage or using colour or light to support emotion. Spaces need to work for people and people make homes. The legacy you leave is one of consideration, and well designed homes that have inherent value through good decisions on all the build process support the community.

As we enter a new era of self awareness, community and planet protection, our homes need to reflect and integrate the changes that will make a difference. This is the exciting thing that is giving us new ideas to be better. Listening to our intuition and following our hearts can only be a good thing.