Improving later living tenures with Homes with Heart

To provide an effective solution to support grieving families, Lifestory has launched their new ‘Homes with Heart’ offering which aims to showcase how the company’s expertise can support a customer’s family to sell their loved one’s home in the future.

Alex Compton, Resales Manager at Lifestory Group explains: “At Lifestory, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers from the early stages of the buying process through to the final steps in their downsizing journey by offering a range of tenures from sales and rental to resales. Since the launch of ‘Homes with Heart’, we have seen this resale option become increasingly popular for those customers over 60 and their families.

“With an increasing ageing population which is set to increase to 20.7% over the next seven years, it is essential to provide a solution to customers at the beginning of their journeys and we believe that our resale policy is a good example of how we can support these customers and families whilst also unlocking some of the supply issues being experienced in the independent living sector.

“Our proven track record selling these types of homes for over three decades, provides us with the right expertise for those customers that are looking to sell their home where we will ensure to secure the best price available for the property that we have initially built. Selling a home with Lifestory will provide customers with an improved experience compared to the traditional selling process with an estate agent which is somewhat impersonal and does not focus solely on providing the customer with a great and bespoke experience. As the original creators, our experienced sales team have a deeper understanding of the existing home and surrounding community and will work hard to match the home to the right prospective buyer.

“When selling a Lifestory home through resales, our team of leading experts will ensure that the home is portrayed in the best possible light alongside the other aspects that living in a Lifestory home has to offer, which includes a community focused lifestyle to provide an ideal and independent living experience.

“Furthermore, our Lifestory resale process has been designed to be as simple and carefree as possible where our experienced team members will support customers throughout the whole process from instructing solicitors and marketing the home through to supporting with removals…and we even provide a six-month service charge holiday to support with the sale.”


To learn more about the resale policy at Lifestory, contact the team on 01962 418070.